First Fresh Salmon of the Season, on your plates May 14th.

2010 Prince William Sound Salmon Fishery News Release #1

Prince William Sound and Copper River Announcement

Districts Affected: Bering River, Copper River, Eastern, Northern, Coghill, Northwestern, Eshamy Main Bay, Southwestern, Montague, Southeastern, Unakwik

COPPER RIVER DISTRICT: The Copper River District will open for the season at 7:00 am on Thursday, May 13 for a 12-hour period. Waters within the Chinook salmon inside closure area will be OPEN during this period. The Miles Lake sonar will be active as soon as river conditions permit. There was no bid awarded this year to install the grass bank markers described in 5AAC 24.350(1)(A). This regulatory line is defined for the 2010 season as a line connecting the following points:

via Public Fisheries News Release Page.

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