Tholepin: What Happened To The Halibut, Dad?

Intense article!  I would love to know where they got this photo.

Well, Child, people didn’t take care of them and they were all killed. It was a sad day when the largest, most magnificent fish in the North Pacific Ocean were destroyed by men who didn’t care what they caught in their trawls.

But, Dad, why didn’t you stop them?

I tried, Child, but we couldn’t get the rule makers to see the importance of taking care of the Ocean and the fish that we depend upon. They let too many baby halibut get killed by the trawlers and didn’t see that those little fish were the future. Now all we have left are the pictures of those big flat fish. See that king crab on the wall there? That’s what happened to them, too.

via Tholepin: What Happened To The Halibut, Dad?.

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