Tech Support on the Fly.

Computer issues are becoming more and more common as new people delve into the interwebs and the world of false pop-ups.  It seems like an easy solution, just don’t click on the pop-ups.  However, they have gotten tricky thesedays and its hard to figure out what is going on.  My friend recently got the Google redirect virus and I helped him with Crossloop, its a great tool for remote support and control of someones computer.  Here’s a great how to on the install.

Once the program is installed, you have the options to share or connect.  If you need help, share the code provided.  If you are helping you should just enter the code provided.  I was using skype to chat with him as well.  Once everything was running it took no time.  This is a great tool for all the aspiring computer masters.

Download Crossloop

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