Big Opener for Herring in Sitka, AK

For many of the fisherman who have been around for weeks, it was a great relief to get this season started.  The opener began at 5:10 and nearly a hour and a half later, 5,000 tons were harvested.  Tenders were beyond capacity as processors struggled to keep up with the volume.  At some point of the evening, the Shady Lady rolled over on the Tender vessel that was pumping out herring from its nets.  The following video is of the Shady lady on its side.  As I left on the ferry heading back to Juneau, many boats were still pumping out fish at midnight.  The huge quota will merit at least another 4 openers.  Fisherman are standing down today as the Processors try to catch up.  Thanks to Silver Bay Seafoods for the chance to get into the action.

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  1. Well done chum! Well done chum!I give a lot of stick to fishermen on YouTube , who dont know what threye doing, but that was brilliant-fish returned quickly, even though it was perfect eating size!- ie. put back big hen fishPlease watch all young would-be fishermen-great exampleof how to fish and treat fish-proud to be Irish too!

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