Poor Salmon Prediction leads to Ocean Beauty Troubles?

This comes as a huge  surprise to the local community.  Long ago, Ocean Beauty was the first cannery that that bought our fish.  Although, this article only reflects the impact of the smaller returning pink run this summer, its hard not to speculate the effect of Silver Bay Seafoods, a owner/operator fish producer.  Ocean Beauty’s seine fleet has undoubtedly been affected by this recent loss of some of its best fisherman to the new startup .  Heres the audio link too.

PETERSBURG-AK (2010-02-25) A poor pink salmon projection has prompted one of Petersburg’s canneries to stay closed this summer. Ocean Beauty Seafoods says they will continue to buy salmon from all the fishermen who usually sell to them on the grounds, but they’ll only be processing at their shore-side plant near Juneau. The company emphasizes its only planning a one-year closure in Petersburg. Still, the decision will likely mean less fish tax revenue for the city as well as fewer customers for local

via KRBD – Public Radio in Ketchikan, Alaska – Local News.

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