Pink Is The New Red? Salmon’s Unsung Hero.

It appears that the lowly pink salmon is getting some greatly needed attention after last years huge run in Puget Sound.  Are you ready for Pink salmon on your dinner plate?  Check out some local product from Bellingham, WA.

Unlike sockeye and king salmon that are harvested when they’re 4 or 5 years old, pinks have a two-year life cycle. They eat from the bottom of the food chain and spend most of their lives in the Bering Sea, one of the most pristine bodies of saltwater on the planet. “Pinks are the cleanest protein on earth,” says Riley Starks, innkeeper, restaurateur and reef-net fisherman whose Lummi Island Wild Co-op harvested 100,000 pounds of pinks last season.

via Pacific NW | Careful fishing helps pink salmon find foodie fans | Seattle Times Newspaper.

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