March 6th starts another Declining Halibut Harvest in Southeast Alaska

The last five years have been harsh to quota holders, with over half of the allowable catch slipping through their hands, one has to wonder where have all the halibut gone?  Recently a fellow fisherman returned from the Halibut Commission.  My first question was, “Did your voice get heard?”   “No,” he replied!  It was his first visit to the occasion, so he was happy to see the quota larger than was expected.  He was also quick to show this video of Halibut waste by trawlers…here

Southeast commercial fishermen allotted 4.4 million pounds

By Kim Marquis | JUNEAU EMPIRE

Commercial fishermen in Southeast Alaska will be allowed to take 4.4 million pounds of halibut this year, the international commission that manages the fishery announced Friday.

The decision by the International Pacific Halibut Commission represents an increase of about 700,000 pounds over staff recommendations, but is still a reduction from last year’s catch.

Commercial fishermen had been facing a 26 percent cut.

via Halibut catch limits released – Juneau Empire.

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