Iphone 4.0 is on the way… Let’s check out the latest on hacking that old Iphone.

Apple is set to wow the world with another net device.  The rumors are rampant, so luckily we will all know sooner than later.  Before Iphone 4.0 blows us away or seriously  disappoints, let’s check out latest in the world of “Jailbreaking.”  Its so easy with The newest tethered hack, Blackra1n, that even a cave man could do it.  Yes, that means you, Rob!   This works on Mac or Windows and its pretty fuckin sweet.  First of all, props goes out to iphonedownloadblog.com

First of all, get a copy of Blackrain RC3 here. It should look like this:

Download the windows or make version and get it up and running.  Here is a great tutorial, via iphonedownloadblog. Truly, though, its pretty easy.  Double click on the .exe file for windows, and you will see:

The instructions are the same for RC3, its just a newer version.

Here’s the tutorial, via iphonedownloadblog.

Basically, it reboots the iphone and installs a Blackrain icon on your phone. None of your contacts will be lost and your phone will be exactly the same it it was, but now you can install Cydia, the App Store for Jailbroken phones.  Clicking on the Blackrian icon get you to here:

Cydia is the best option here.  the others are bad, but Cydia has been around since the beginning.  Alright, install Cydia and then you can get rid of the Blackrain icon, the phone will remain hacked anyways.  The icon is just so you can install Cydia.

Cydia comes up as another icon on your springboard;  fire it up and allow it to do its updates (for iPod touch users this needs to be done over an active wifi connection).  Now that cydia is ready to go, its basically another app store.  Even some apps cost money.  By adding a few sources, such as beyouriphone(just google it), you can get all kind of apps for free.  For more info on sources and what apps to download in Cydia, post some comments.

Now that’s all done, you may find yourself wondering what you have done to your iphone.  You now emulate all of Apple’s firmware abilities and add quite a few with Cydia.  I love PDAnet for tethering, Winterboard for changing the stale interface, and I use QuickReply SMS, so I can respond to texts the way it was meant to be.  Play around with it, and be sure to make a backup of your iphone in tunes, because you can always restore the phone to how it was before jailbreaking.  Also, I have to say that since Iphone 4.0 is just around the corner, these hacks only work on Software versions 3.1.2 and lower.  Let’s hope that 4.0 multitasking, if not hack it and download Proswitcher from Cydia, it works great on 3GS.  There are tons of tips on youtube as well, but this is pretty simple.  Good luck…

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