State warns about non-native frogs in Christmas trees – KTVA

This has to be one of the strangest stories I have ever heard.  What the hell are frogs doing in Christmas trees?  I guess the more appropriate question is where are these trees coming from

Carolyn Kuckertz

CREATED: 12/17/2009 05:18:17 PM PST

Pacific Chorus frog found in Anchorage Christmas trees (Alaska Department of Fish and Game)

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game says Pacific Chorus frogs are being found in Christmas trees that were sold around Anchorage in the past couple of weeks.

Tammy Davis, Invasive Species Program Project Leader for ADF&G, says the amphibians are not native to Alaska.

“These ‘live ornaments’ may seem like a bonus purchase, but they are outside their native range.” said Davis.

Davis elaborates that “While we don’t suspect they will become invasive, a greater concern is the risk to our native amphibians if they are carrying pathogens of concern.”

At this time ADF&G is asking everyone to inspect their trees and nearby surroundings for frogs or toads with grey, brown, rust, black or green coloration.

What to do if you find one:

via State warns about non-native frogs in Christmas trees – KTVA.

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