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Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Halibut Longlining 2014


Here’s a sweet perspective from Robert Moss aboard his last longline trip. Make sure to stick around for the end of the video. The underwater shots are super cool

Commercial Fishing Video OF The Day | Longline Kiwi Style

Wow!  Longlining weather never looked better than this clip from New Zealand in the Coromandel Hauraki Gulf Region.  This kind of longlining would surely make any Alaskan Longliner envious of the beautiful scenery and climate.   Great edit!

Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | ComFishFilmFest 2014

First of all, I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who has helped support the ComFishFilmFest this year. The festival is really a celebration of the people that I love to work with. Its nice to have a forum where fishermen can come together and share stories. In these digital times, that means sharing GoPro footage and incredible sites only caught in an instant on a camera phone. This year’s festival is live online now at www.fishfilmfest.com. Voting will continue until Jan 30th and we will announce the winners on Jan.31st. So, there is still plenty of time to check out the new site!

Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Alaskan Halibut Fishermen


Make no mistakes about it! Sierra Anderson is a video editing maestro! Not only is she a commercial fishing machine, she has the talent and skill to change the face of modern commercial fishing. This is her most recent project for ASMI, which was shot and edited while she was longlining aboard the F/V Kruzof. Enjoy the video and keep an eye out for Sierra's next move, it's bound to be amazing.

Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | Auke Bay By Moonlight


On a recent trip to Sitka by ferry I spotted this lone fishing vessel anchored up out by to AGS cannery in Juneau. I couldn't quite make out what boat it was, but the photo opportunity was worth it. It was truly a beautiful moonlit eve ferry ride.

Commercial Fishing Photo Of The Day | Longline Skates


Many long liners are wrapping up this years quota of black cod and halibut. The fishery has suffered severe cuts in the past five years, but market price continues to offer a competitive wage. Baiting the longline skates is the most annoying part of the job. No fish can be caught until the skates are fully baited for another trip to sea.

Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Longlining Alaskan Cod


Via Youtube: Explore the Alaskan cod fishery abord the factory longliner Frontier Mariner. Cod are caught in Alaska's icy waters and processed and frozen aboard, making it the freshest, most delicious product you can buy. Alaska's fisheries are certified sustainable- you can trust that Alaska's seafood is the best in the world!

Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Sealion Steals Longline Cod


Via Youtube: Longlining the Bering Sea, sometimes sealions take fish from our line. Here's a view of a sealion agressively stealing cod from our fishing line in the Bering Sea. I have many other bering sea videos on my page.