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Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | F/V New Dawn


Purse seine videos are starting to roll in. Remember to upload your vids to http://www.fishfilmfest.com. We are just reviewing videos for the upcoming festival this January. | Via Youtube: A fun depiction of commercial salmon fishing in Kodiak, Alaska. Filmed aboard the F/V New Dawn using GoPros, iPhones, and a Nikon 3200 to capture the action. We omitted the awful weather, dangerously long work hours, Jellyfish to the face, and endless boat work for the sake of crew morale.

Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Kodiak Summer Salmon 2013


Check out a beautiful summer aboard a salmon seiner based out of Kodiak Alaska.

ComFish Kodiak 2013


Its time for Alaska’s largest commercial fishing trade show!  Its the 34th year for Kodiak‘s homegrown show, which focuses on the business of commercial fishing and features vendors from all areas of the industry.  The event is held the 11-13th of April and you can follow the action at http://www.comfish.com.  Here are a few tweets of the event as it happens.  Also tune into the LIVE Ustream of the forum events.  I hope to be there next season representing the Commercial Fishing Film Festival http://www.comfishfilmfest.com

Commercial Fishing Video Of The Day | Kodiak Tanner Crab 2013

AMCC’s CATCH of the SEASON is a community supported fishery that brings local seafood to consumers in Anchorage, Kodiak, and Homer. To learn more visit http://www.akmarine.org

Dutch Harbor Update | The Hunt For The Deadliest Catch Continues In 2013

Captains and Crew are gathering back in Dutch Harbor, Alaska for the opilio, “snow crab” season, which generally starts up after the new year.  The 25 percent cut in total quota should speed up the season.  Last year, boats  were challenged  by floating ice, creating the longest snow crab season in history.  Arctic Ice may play a huge factor in this season’s harvest, too.  The Arctic huge melt equals tons more floating ice in the southern fishing grounds.  Stay tuned for more updates as this season on the Bering Sea continues…


January will also mark the start of the Bering Sea snow crab and Kodiak tanner crab fisheries.

The 2013 total allowable catch, or TAC, for Bering Sea snow crab was set at 66.35 million pounds, a 25 percent cut compared to nearly 89 million pounds in 2012.

The snow crab harvest cut comes from a decrease in the mature male biomass (females may not be retained), and a change in the stock’s age composition. The crab are much older than in the past — about 60 percent of the mature male biomass is old shell crab — compared to about 37 percent last year.

Fishing quota holders will be able to harvest 59.7 million pounds, while community development quota programs will take the remaining 6.6 million pounds.

Kodiak tanner crab will be harvested from the eastside and southeast sections, for a total of 660,000 pounds.

via Mixed outlook for fish stocks, new regs | Peninsula Clarion.

2011 West Coast Commercial Fishing Year in Review | Part I

A lot has happened in the world of commercial fishing within the past year. Halibut has dominated the recent headlines with serious implications of a failed fishery. Whereas, commercial salmon fishing has garnered some of the highest prices and catch returns in years. The commercial fishing industry seems to be plagued with more than is fair share of highs and lows. So, hunker down and we will go over some of last years biggest headlines in what some call the “Deadliest Business.”


Salmon dominated the news this year with recent hints of a virus blooming in wild pacific salmon population and a geneticly designed Frankenfish that would solve all of our salmon farming issues. Also record harvests In southeast and Chignik supplied plenty of headlines too. Of course, news of an impending industrial mine in the heart of Alaska‘s sockeye country was met with fierce opposition throughout the year.


Commercial squid fishing in California has seen a huge uptake in value within the last two seasons. In the past, the fishery could take up to six months to catch the quota of 180,000 tons. Last year they were done by Christmas. This year the boys were done by turkey day.

King Crab

Bering Sea King crab quotas were heavily cut this year, but record high prices and a quick season were great for consumers and producers. Southeast Alaskaeven got a chance at king crab this past October. Six years had passed since the last crab opener in the region, so locals were eager to cash in the on record prices.

Dungeness Crab

Dungy Crab soared this past season as Oregon delivered one of its highest valued harvests in years. The crab were selling for more than 2.65 in some regions.

Sitka Sac Roe Herring

Sitka Herring was seriously impacted by the Japanese tsunami this spring. Right before the herring started showing, the tsunami devastated most of the Japanese seafood market, including the buyers. The tragedy resulted in a huge drop in the ex vessel price of herring. In 2010, herring were 410 dollars a ton. This spring we were only able to get 100 dollars a ton.

Up Next

The next segment will include halibut, pollock, and even some dive fisheries.  Feel free to add some suggestions or point me to stories that I may have overlookd

Actual Audio of the F/V Wizard Coast Guard Distress Call

With the weather as bad as it was, its surprising the fleet wasn’t in more serious trouble.  The smaller quota has allowed many boats to make early seasons of the king crab fisheries this winter.

KODIAK, Alaska – Communications Station Kodiak watchstanders receive a call for a medevac of a 28-year-old man from the 150-foot Seattle-based fishing vessel Wizard 60 miles north of Cold Bay Nov. 7, 2011. A Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter safely hoisted and transported the man to emergency medical personnel in Cold Bay. U.S. Coast Guard audio by Communications Station Kodiak.

via Audio of F/V Wizard radio call to Coast Guard during Bering Sea rescue | Hauling Gear Blog.

Alaska Fisheries Report: Slow Fishing, King Salmon Season and Board of Fisheries | APRN

[audio http://media.aprn.org/2011/afr-20110414.mp3]

Coming up this week, herring fishing is slow around Ketchikan, despite not having an opening since the Bicentennial; There are concerns over the Bristol Bay King Salmon season; and all three of the governor’s nominees to the board of fisheries get the nod of approval from the legislature. All that and it’s ComFish Alaska time in Kodiak.

via Alaska Fisheries Report: Slow Fishing, King Salmon Season and Board of Fisheries | APRN.