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Participation Low in Kodiak Herring Fishery

[audio http://www.kmxt.org/images/stories/mp3/110421.kodiak_herring.mp3]

The Kodiak herring fishery is underway. Managers predict a robust year with healthy roe count and plentiful fish. But the price for herring roe has dropped and so has participation.

via KMXT 100.1 FM – Public Radio for Kodiak Island, Alaska. – Participation Low in Kodiak Herring Fishery.

Great Aerial Footage Sitka Herring 3rd Opener

Wow, it has been a crazy day.  Here is some aerial footage from the melee.  The Artic Fox had a massive set just outside of us, but it was so huge that it just ripped the net.  Here’s a still shot of the massive set that the Artic Fox had.  The other two boats are the Karen Brit and the Quandary is tied up to them pumping.  I have been riding out on the Quandary, so its neet to see an aerial shot.  Enjoy the footage.  Look in the Vodpod on the sidebar for the aerial video.

3rd Herring Opener Today at 1:00

The Sitka Sac Roe Herring Harvest continues the annual herring harvest today at 1:00 PM.  The quota is still over 11,ooo tons, so there is still plenty of opportunity.  I will be posting LIVE video at http://www.justin.tv/juneautek

LIVE in Sitka, AK for the 2011 Herring Fishery.

After a ridiculously long wait, the herring have returned.  The opener is at 1:20 PM today.  If we have cell service, I will try to get a live feed of the opener.  The Superbowl of seining is about to begin.  Get out your bumpers!  Here’s the audio of the annoucement and a link to the live stream.  http://www.justin.tv/juneautek

Ready, Set, Go? No Fishery in Sitka Today!

After somewhat of a false alarm in the harbor, there will be no fishery today.  Most of the boats started to head out of the harbor at about 1:30, but the announcement stated that there would be no opener.  The weather is less than desirable and the herring still aren’t quite ready.  We will do it again tomorrow.

Still Waiting for Herring in Sitka, AK | No Fishing Today

Its been a hard day of test fishing.  The fish appear to be quite fast and a bit deeper.  Basically, things are still a bit slow.  Here’s audio of the 11:00 announcement from ADFG.

Here’s another update from ADFG

Final Update at 2:00 PM  No Fishing Today

The Sitka Sac Roe Herring Fishery is on Standby.

Everything will start again in the morning.  Today the samples just didn’t pan out.  Everyone is eager to get things moving this year.  Last year fishing was well underway, so it should be anyday now.  Here is a Time lapse from this morning.

Its Herring Time! Two Hour Notice on Monday

Its been too long waiting here in Sitka.  Luckily, things are likely to get underway this coming week.  In light of the recent Japan disaster, it will be interesting to see how things pan out.  I have heard rumors of A CO-OP,  a strike, and even no fishery.  We will know soon.  Stay tuned for live video and daily updates for the herring fishery.