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North to Alaska.

The trip north was super smooth this year.  The weather was a bit bumpy as we crossed Dixon Entrance.  Otherwise, the trip was spectacular.  We had a fair amount of sunshine and no hang ups along the way.  All in all, I would say that it was a successful trip.  Here’s a great video from the trip north last year.  The time lapse turned out great.  I was able to put the final touches on the video from last season, so expect it in the coming days.  Here is a trailer for the upcoming video.  I’m currently heading out to fish now.  Thank you ATT for 3G.

Girls Kill Fish!

Commercial fishing would be nothing without our female fishkillers.  Here’s a great example celebrating Alaska‘s ladies of the sea.  The videos are by a fellow fisherman skysirrico, AKA American Fisherman.  Keep in eye out for more great videos coming in the future.

Salmon Fishing Is the Deadliest Catch. Wear Your PFDs!

In Alaska, 133 fisherman died at sea between 2000 to 2009. Half of the fatalities were from drowning.  Salmon fishing leads the pack with 39 deaths. Amazingly, most of this incidents are on smaller gillnet vessels and the most alarming factor is that no one was using a PFD. So, here is a video about fishermen’s best friend, the Immersion Suit. For the full audio, check out FishRadio here.

Sitka Herring 2011 is Over. Time to Scrape Some Eggs.

Herring is one of the nastier fisheries for cleanup.  There is something about the herring roe and its ability to stick to everything.  Its a special kind of mess.  The entire net needs to be cleaned out or the eggs will rot inside and weaken the meshes.  The sheer amount of scales is daunting.  Although, a little pressure washing goes a long way.The boats have been leaving in a steady stream all day.  For many boats, long lining with be the next fishery.  For the tenders, they will continue the herring run in Togiak.  

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Things to do in Sitka…

Well, the weather was great yesterday and we had the day off.  After driving up and down the road looking for spawn, we checked out the local sites.  We found the Raptor Center, the Fortress of the Bears, SeaView Golf Course and Totem Park.  It was a pretty nice day.  Enjoy the pics.  Herring Announcement coming at 11:00.