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Coming to you LIVE from Sitka. This is a Test.

I’m testing out the video from  It should play here live when I am recording live.  I’ll be doing a bit more testing in the morning, before the notice.  Check here for live updates.  UPDATE:  Looks like the live embed isn’t working.  Check out all the LIVE video here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Its Herring Time! Two Hour Notice on Monday

Its been too long waiting here in Sitka.  Luckily, things are likely to get underway this coming week.  In light of the recent Japan disaster, it will be interesting to see how things pan out.  I have heard rumors of A CO-OP,  a strike, and even no fishery.  We will know soon.  Stay tuned for live video and daily updates for the herring fishery.

Canadian Herring Sac Roe Seine Fisheries On Hold?

This is all info gathered from the harbormaster in Com0x.   The gillnet fishery is active now, but the seine fleet with not fish for a number of reasons.  Of course the  recent tsunami has left an already weakened Japanese economy, incapacitated.  There was indication of small fish size factored into the decision as well.    The Sitka Sac Roe Fishery is poised to begin as soon as the herring are ready.  However, this recent info indicates a total collapse of the herring market.   Please post info, if you know of more updates.  I can find very little in the news on this subject.

Annual herring spawning run returns along the Canadian coast

Herring are returning to the Strait of Georgia for their annual spawning run this week along the east coast of Vancouver Island.

Gillnetters and seiners are prospecting in the coves and inlets along the coast of Nanaimo and north to Denman Island, looking for concentrations of the fish.

Fishermen enjoyed one of the best runs in over 30 years in 2010, with boats filling their quotas in a single day, and this year looks even better according to Paul Kershaw, the president of the Area D Gillnetters Association.

Kershaw said that he expects a 35% increase in the biomass this season, but that doesn’t necessarily mean much if the economy won’t support the sale of the products that herring are famous for.

Fishermen prize the diminutive fish for its roe, and the run has generated up to $100 million during good years, but economic woes in the primary market of Japan have caused many seiners to consider staying away from herring this season.

Last year, herring roe fetched approximately $3,000 per tonne, and the food component garnered $300 per tonne.

The price may be even lower this year unless markets rebound quickly.

via Annual herring spawning run returns along the coast.

Update-Biggest Sitka Herring Set Ever!

The first shot is of the F/V Jill and I, with a respectable 1100 tons set.  Thanks for the info from Dave Mann.  The second pic is of the Infinite Glory the next morning while it was still pumping out the world record breaking set.  Here’s a sweet video of the F/V Infintie Glory with its mega set.  There is some great info in the comments about the tender in the photo above.  It seems that they aided in the rescue of the Midnight Sun.

In the spring of 2008, the Sitka Sac Roe Herring Fishery crushed all previous records .  The biggest set turned out to be by the F/V Infinite Glory.  At nearly 1500 tons, it was truly a million dollar set.  Multiple tenders were topped off, in a three day marathon.   The real key to the size of this set is that it wasn’t in deep water.  If a set this large was in deep water, it would simply pull the boat over.  The area that the Infinite Glory was fishing in was actually not accessible to all the boats.  It was impossible for some of the larger rounded belly boats to get into these shallows.  So, for the flat bottomed boats from Homer and Chignik it was a welcomed surprise.  What a day it was…

It’s almost herring time again in Alaska.  I doubt that we will see loads like 2008, but the quota is the biggest ever.  Search my site for “Sitka” for all posts.

Commercial Fishing Seasons in Alaska

A lot of the searches on this site are about the fishing seasons and the price of fish.  Here is a timetable of all the fisheries in Alaska.  Its a bit harder to find the lastest ex vessel prices.  I haven’t found a good source of current ex vessel prices.  I would love some feedback on this.