Good Luck! I know its been a long road. Its been awesome to follow your journey. I’m sure you will do great. Fish on!

the fishing blues

Dungeness crab season begins on the Washington coast tonight at midnight (January 24, 2013), and for hundreds of Washington crabbing families (including ours) this is the most important moment of our year.  We have all spent months, if not years, preparing for this moment — rigging up crab pots, measuring lines, painting buoys, grinding rust off boats, painting boats, replacing boat parts — and it has all come with a cost.  The price to invest in the crab fishery is not cheap.  Between leasing or buying fishing permits, crab gear, and boat maintenance and repairs, we have all invested many many tens of thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of dollars.  Our blood, sweat and tears go into these fishing operations (literally), and if we have one bad crabbing season we could lose everything we have worked so hard for.

We have essentially been preparing for this moment for the last year…

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  1. Thanks so much! I’m just really excited that we have finally gotten to this point, and I really appreciate all the support we’ve received from the fishing world and the blogging world. I’m feeling pretty positive about the year ahead of us.
    Thanks for the reblog!


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