Simply Amazing! I wonder what kind of winter is in store for the crew this season?

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When I started fishing at the age of seventeen, I remember hearing stories from other fishermen about two fabled Alaskan fisheries: Bristol Bay gillnetting and Bering Sea crabbing.  The huge waves, back breaking work, insanely long hours, weeks at-sea, and the crazy characters that the fisheries attract.  I heard many first-hand, second-hand, and no doubt completely made up stories of fortunes earned and lost, feats of strength, and freak storms taking all hands aboard. As a result I had visions of tireless days filled with death and dismemberment with each rock and sway of the boat.  The naiveté of youth is the fodder of fishermen’s stories and when combined with my imagination, built a perceived wall around those most dangerous of fisheries.  As with many things in life the reality behind fishermen’s stories are rooted in truths and embellished with the oratorical traditions of story telling.  I ate it up.

Here I am fifteen years…

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