Nice insight! My new pair were separating by the end of one summer of salmon seining.


I wrote this article for the September 2012 issue of Pacific Fishing. Pick it up at newsstands, or if you’re not in a fishing community on the Pacific Coast of the the US, check it out here.

PF_logo_trans2For decades there has been no footwear more ubiquitous to commercial fishing in the North Pacific than Xtratuf boots. From San Diego to the Bering Sea, fishermen have relied on their durability, comfort, and support as a consistent tool for the trade. Xtratuf has built a near monopoly with their well-crafted, fully waterproof uppers and slip-resistant soles, giving them a steady, inelastic demand. In my short four years commercial fishing, I have never seen anyone wear anything but Xtratufs.

At the start of this year’s Southeast Alaska seine season, I picked up a new pair after my old pair succumbed to the grind of near daily use fishing for salmon and Dungies for…

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