State of Things | The Future of JuneauTek

Wow, what a crazy year its been in the fishing world.  Overall, its a good time to be a fisherman.  Its also been pretty nuts on the website as well.  I enjoy reading all the Comfish news and keeping the website up to date, but it can be daunting.  So, I have started to use social media to make the tasks easier.  I’m now using the Facebook and Google+ pages to post the most recent news articles.  In general, its easier to comment on the articles this way.  I’m always on the iPad these days, so its much easier just to copy and paste links to these sites.  Of course we also have the twitter feed, @Juneautek, which is updated regularly.  So check out the other sites and make sure to add, like, or follow.  Content is typically different in each source.  If I find something super interesting article then I will post it here.  Mostly the Juneautek site will focus on original content and the news feeds will be left to social media.  Thanks again for all the support.  I have much more to come in the future.  I will be announcing some new projects right after the new year.  So,  Happy Holidays!  I hope you have some smoked salmon in your stocking!  Enjoy this Christmas poem meant for fishermen.

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