Tekoma | Eaglecrest, AK

Tekoma translates into “snow capped peaks” from the traditional Navajo.  You might be more familiar with the modern version, which is tacoma.  Basically, these posts will be about various different ski resorts that I visit over the winter. I have a ski trip planned for after the new year, so stay tuned.
Lets start with Eaglecrest, which is truly a hidden treasure of southeast Alaska.  Located on Douglas Island, just across from downtown Juneau, the resort offers a great escape to the long winters in southeast.  Its not the typical tourist infused corporate monster than some ski resorts have devolved into.  It’s actually a municipality of the city and runs much like a public pool.  While it lacks in corporate flash, the community element is the driving force.  Everyone knows everyone and no one is telling where the powder stash is.  Next time you find yourself in Juneau, check it out.  During the summer, it has an awesome zip line too.

2 thoughts on “Tekoma | Eaglecrest, AK”

    1. Oh yes! I knew it was going to be a little question on that one. I found it on the internet, and it did say that it comes from the Navajo. I think it was a baby naming website. It’s also the Nordic name of some mysterious brown Dwarf star. It’s works great for me as it is. Thanks for the feedback, though. I’ll find some more info on the subject. Here’s the link I used. http://www.spellcheck.net/tekoma


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