Alaskan Commercial Fishermen Need Fresh Blood. Any Takers?

Looking to find a job in the Commercial Fishing Industry.  Look no further.

On the last official day of the legislative session, the House Fish Committee introduced a resolution that would commit the legislature to studying the “graying” of the commercial fishing fleet – and to changing this trend. The goal of the resolution is to increase the number of young stakeholders in the fishing industry.

According to research done by the Division of Economic Development, the average age of a permit owner is now nearly 50. In the 1970s, when limited entry was first put in place, the average age of both buyers and sellers of permits was in the early 40s.

via KIAL: Legislature looking at the aging of the commercial fishing fleet (2011-04-18).

4 thoughts on “Alaskan Commercial Fishermen Need Fresh Blood. Any Takers?”

  1. My name is Jimmie McClain. I am extremely interested in this position if it is still available. I am 19 years of age until October 16th. I live in Chesapeake, Virginia I received my GED when i was 16 and have worked ever since. Was hired at an HVAC company a week after getting my GED. Went from the HVAC company to a Commercial crab boat to work in the Chesapeake Bay and Eastern/ Southern branch of the Elizabeth River. During the off season I rigged over 1500 crab pots and worked as a carpenter. Framing, remodeling, carpet all of that. This occupied me for two years. About 9 months ago I started working on a 48 foot gill netting boat. We were spot fishin’ in september, croaker fishin’ later in the fall, smooth doggin’ and croaker fishin’ in the winter. From 50 miles off shore all the way to up in the rivers. We’re currently fishing for trout, bluefish, croaker, and whatever we can gill up in the bay. Also I have pulled a few beachsanes and know how the whole operation goes. I do know quite a few knotts. I’m definitely no stranger to rough waters or 30 hour grinds with no sleep. I’m not a waterman because of the money or I would’ve stopped the first year. I would not disappoint you in any way. Please contact me back about this position.

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