Juneau Folk Fest Jams in Juneau!

The winters in Juneau can be a bit slow.  Its always nice to see the Juneau Folk Fest, because it means that spring has finally arrived.  The week long event sets the town ablaze with tons of live music and bands from around Alaska.  I have included a link to the live radio broadcast tonight at 7:00, plus some local video of the event. Listen is KTOO Live  Mac PC

Sometimes 15 minutes isn’t nearly enough. (Other times it’s nearly too much, but that’s another story.)

The 15-minute set structure of the Alaska Folk Festival concerts at Centennial Hall is a great way to offer listeners access to as many musicians as possible, but for watching your favorite players really let loose (in more ways than one), its hard to beat the local bars. Random street corners, living rooms and Juneau Arts  Culture Center dances are also good bets.

Over the next four nights there’s going to be enough live music downtown to satiate the most dedicated music lover. So abundant are the opportunities, in fact, you’ll likely be forced to make some tough choices.

Friday night at 10:30 p.m., for example, you could listen to the Hillbilly Honeys on the mainstage at Centennial Hall, kick up your heels with the Caleb Klauder Country Band with Jesse Lége and Joel Savoy at the JACC, catch Honky Tonk Habit at the Rendezvous, hear the Great Alaska Bluegrass Band at the Red Dog, listen to Tim Easton at the Alaskan or rock out to Mammoth Bone at the Bergman Hotel bar.

via Folk fest: Late night opportunities | Juneau Empire – Alaska’s Capital City Online Newspaper.

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