New BBC Program Shaking Up Europe’s Fisheries

It was thrilling to get the European perspective on fishing.  The shear amount of waste and how these fisheries are managed is puzzling.  It the first clip you will notice the stream of fish just shooting over the side at about 8 mins in. Europe’s Minister of Fisheries couldn’t even identify a halibut. Ouch!


A three-part TV series, ‘Hugh’s Fish Fight’, starting on Channel 4 tonight, will look at the British fishing industry and explore why fish stocks are in such rapid decline.

Based partly on the groundbreaking Ecologist investigation, ‘The greed of feed’, from 2008, the programme will focus on the salmon industry in Scotland and how it is reliant on imported fishmeal linked to unsustainable practices.

The Ecologist previously travelled to Peru, the world’s leading exporter, supplying 28 per cent of the UK’s fishmeal, and documented a host of unreported environmental and social costs – including pollution and health problems, overfishing, and impacts on ecosystems and wildlife – all arising from the production of fishmeal and fish oil, principal ingredients in farmed salmon feed.

via Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall tackles farmed salmon feed issue – News – The Ecologist.

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